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It is important to remember that our connection with the universe is not exactly the same as that of a radio station to the receiving radio. We are an intelligent signal which both sends and receives. Thus, the Cosmos is not just in contact with us, we are also in contact with the Cosmos. The fact is that not only does our signal find its way into all the universe but all the universe finds its way into our signal. Open up to those signals and all the universe is available to each of us.More

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We have the best of discussion groups here at Kundalini-Tantra. The contributing group has been polite, competent, and very helpful. At the same time, we have not been clogged up with unwanted email, it has all been worthwhile. Thank you one and all.

If you'd like to visit some fellow investigators, please join our MSN COMMUNITY KUNDALINITANTRA for a great resource for discussion. This service allows you to post photos, files, to choose to receive the discussion either in email as they come in, all email only once a day, or to just check the bulletin board as you wish, and to switch to a quick chat for one-on-one. We're very impressed with the potential for this service to be very useful.

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